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I've been looking for the answer to "how do you know when to stop the detox plan"?

So you can move on to another plan.also some Dr's don't like to answer questions about natural healing so more information on all reported side effects would really help as some of u know if u go to dr. saying I've been detoxing naturally but I feel sick they will just tell u to stop doing it and prescribe more meds when some of us are here to try to get off meds.please anyone help me with this question.

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4 years ago

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This is a tough question because it has so many variables.
It depends on what type of cleanse you are doing, what your goals are, what your current level of "toxicity" is, how you currently eat, your current state of health, etc. As you can see, this is a tough one and is personalized for each person. I'd suggest looking into a holistic practitioner who is well versed in cleansing to see if something like that is appropriate for you.
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