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Should I vary my recipes?

I drink a smoothie almost every morning. I tend to pack as much in it as possible - usually kale, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, 1/2 banana, blueberries, ginger, hemp, chia & flax seeds, almonds, cashews & brazil nuts. Although sometimes I run out of something, that's pretty much my list. I'm not worried that I'll get bored with it, my question is it healthy to eat the same combo all the time?

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4 years ago

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Great questions. While eating vegetables and fruits are a crucial part of a healthy diet, getting variety is just as important. When you rotate your greens and produce in general, your body gets a chance to be exposed to a variety of nutrients. Certain nutrients can prevent absorption or enhance absorption of other nutrients, which is why variety is crucial. I would suggest switching up your Blast every 1-2 weeks. Here is a video that explains rotating greens: Explore the recipes on this site to get some new ideas and keep Blasting!

4 years ago

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