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My daughter is 17 and her period has stopped for 6 months, what can she drink to make it regular?

She is diagnose with amenorrhea, but don't know yet what is causing it. Iam really worry ; please help me to know what drinks are good for my daughter .
Thank you for your help.

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4 years ago

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I would suggest seeking the help of your medical doctor, this is a crucial time in development and may need more attention to ensure nothing else is going on in the body. Sometimes periods will stop due to weight loss, extreme exercise and stress. I would check to see if you anything has changed in your daughters routine. You can support the health of her body by including balancing Blasts, but I would not restrict meals or replace meals with the Blasts unless they are higher in protein. She may need more calories at this time so having a smaller Blast as a snack would be a healthy way to increase vegetable and fruit consumption and overall calorie intake. Here are some good higher protein Blasts:

4 years ago

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