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Can I still have greens in my NutriBlasts if I have gastroparesis?

can you help me with a Menu for Gastroperisis?
Having Gastroperisis I not sure how to hget my greens and protein . can u help

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4 years ago

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Gastroparesis is defined as slowing of the digestive process without an indication of blockage. There are varying degrees of gastroparesis and depending on your symptoms, there are difference recommendations. Whatever your symptoms are, please check with your physician and/or a dietitian in your area who can help manage this with you.

The three stages of gastroparesis diet depending on your symptoms are liquid, low-residue, and maintenance. The liquid diet is what it sounds like. It includes any liquids that you can see through in a class such as juices, sports drinks, bouillon, and jello. Low-residue and maintenance are where a NutriBlast can come into play. While we always recommend leaving the skin on for fruits and vegetables that you blend, during the low-residue period, you can have purees blended but without the skins of the produce. As you feel better and move onto the maintenance phase, you can incorporate a low-fiber, low-fat diet that would aid in your maintenance. There is certainly a limit to how much fiber one person can handle at one time. The key is to start slow on the fiber and slowly increase it with the guidance of a health care provider. For more information, you may visit sites like for more information.

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