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Are high glycemic foods bad for me, or only bad for some?

I've been reading articles saying I should never have high-glycemic foods (melons, bananas, potatoes, etc.) Is this true for everyone, or for certain people? What's the deal with high-glycemic foods?

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3 years ago

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In general it is best to incorporate lower glycemic foods into your diet. However, there are fruits that are higher on the glycemic index that contain lots of beneficial nutrients. I would stick to lower glycemic foods, if you are going to eat higher glycemic fruits, I would make sure you are combining them with a clean source of protein and / or a healthy fat. Protein and fat can help decrease the initial glycemic response and lead to a more sustained release of blood sugar in the body.

3 years ago

So then, if I understand correctly, it would be OK to use bananas or melon in a Nutriblast s long as I included some avocado (a good fat) and nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc. (protein sources)?

3 years ago

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