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Why are there WARNINGS on page 3 of the Nutri Bullet User guide & Recipe Book?

I have never heard any reference to this in any of the infomercials or any presentation on HSN or in any of the media ads.
This is somewhat disturbing to me. I do take a blood thinner and a cholesterol reducing medication.
Am expected to contact my Doctors every time I try a Nutri Blast of any kind?
Please clarify this. I have purchased the Nutri Bullet Pro for myself and one for my son. I tried call several times but after holding for20+ minutes I was cut off each time. I left my cell#

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4 years ago

Official Answer

There are certain medications that interact with food. You do not have to check with your doctor every time you make a new recipe, you just need to check with your doctor before you get started. Certain cholesterol medications may interact with grapefruit or other fruits. Coumadin can interact with dark leafy greens. When you are on medications and starting a new eating routine, it is best to double check with your doctor. If you are blending foods that you are eating on a regular basis, you should be fine but it is always best to double check.

4 years ago

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i work in pharmacy and yes it is correct that some foods should not be eaten with certain medications. The patient information leaflet that comes with the medications should tell you if there are any foods you should not consume

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