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Do you have any studies supporting the use of a NutriBullet?

Hi Sarah,

I am an RD looking for research supporting the use of the NutriBullet. Can you please send me some articles that support the benefits of "nutrition extraction?" Isn't the intact fiber in and of itself a benefit of eating whole foods? How does the NutriBullet retain the fiber?


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4 years ago

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Here are some studies that give insight into blended foods that you should check out: "Food Microstructure Affects the Bioavailability of Several Nutrients" published by: J. PARADA AND J.M. AGUILERA and also check out "Effects of chronic consumption of fruit and vegetable puree-based drinks on vasodilation, plasma oxidative stability and antioxidant status" published by T.W. George, E. Paterson, S. Waroonphan, M.H. Gordon

4 years ago

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