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How often do I have to have certain ingredients to achieve or to gain the benefits of the ingredients that I choose?

Do the benifits from taking a specific smoothie require taking it all the time to achieve results? Is taking it only once a week with same ingredients Necessary?

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3 years ago

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Healthy eating is an every day concept. Having healthy foods day in and day out will provide the health benefits you are looking for! But also remember that the rest of your diet can help you achieve or gain the health benefits of the ingredients. For example, having one anti-inflammatory blast for one day does not remove the inflammation from your body. Having anti-inflammatory foods can improve your health. But having one anti-inflammatory blast in the morning but having high fat foods the rest of the day does not help either. What I can suggest is to find 2-3 foods that help you gain a specific health benefit and rotate them so you get a variety but still reap the benefits of getting healthier! Enjoy Blasting!

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