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How can I create a list of foods that would be beneficial to my current health problems?

I take warfarin daily. I need to increase my intake of Vitamin D and Calcium. I have constant ankle and foot pain due to having flat feet and weight.

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3 years ago

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When taking blood thinners, it is important to keep a consistent intake of Vitamin K so that your Dr. can adjust the dosage of your medication. It isn't necessary to avoid vitamin K containing foods completely, but more so to make sure you eat the same amount daily.
Here's a list of vitamin K content of various foods:
Please discuss with your Dr.

If you type in a search term, you will see some of the recommended "healing foods" display at the top. My suggestion would be to read more about each of them and see which ones fit your needs best.
Regarding vitamin D, this nutrient is not widely found in food form other than eggs and certain fish.
Here are some good calcium choices you can include in your Blast:

Regarding the pain, try some anti-inflammatory foods such as these:
And here are some anti-inflammatory recipes:

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