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What are some essentials to make a Blast that has just the right amount of ingredients?

Help ! I can't stop adding ingredients and boosts to my blasts. I'm enjoying my new Nutribullet and have gradually added many boosts and other "add-in" items to my pantry. Problem is, I want to add them all to all my blasts ! For instance, I make a blast of fruits and veggies and add a superfood - then I want to add flaxseed, chia seed, cashews, turmeric, enzymes, maca, cacao, gogi berries, protein powder, oats, etc. I'm so excited, I want to throw in some of everything I have. Where do I stop? Is there something to watch out for - too much of one thing?

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3 years ago

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For beginners, we often recommend adding 50% leafy greens then 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fruit with coconut water or almond milk and an add in such as chia, flax or hemp seeds. You can spruce it up with goji or maca but I would not add more than 2 of the add-ins.

At the end of the day, if you like the smoothie, continue with it. But what often happens is people adding too many ingredients and therefore increasing the calories and the taste of the ingredients is lost.

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