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I have diabetes and inflammation issues. Which should I tackle first?

I have diabeties b ut also have issues with imflamation should I tackle the imflamation first

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3 years ago

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Diabetes should be monitored. This is something that can be tackled at the same time. The key to remember is having lower amount of concentrated sugars in your Blasts. I would recommend adding 1-2 ingredients that can help decrease inflammation as well!

For example, in this list of anti-inflammatory foods on our website ( includes things like green tea, walnuts, avocado and wheatgrass. These have little to no amount of sugars/carbohydrates to them. That along with other fruits like berries that are high in fiber and can slow the sugars from entering your blood stream, you have the perfect combination for what you need.

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Inflammation is generally a term used for the response of immune system to infection or injury. The inflammation’s effects are proverbial in the form of skin infection, rash, or ankle sprain. In such condition, individual generally have swelling in the affected area. Scientists are researching the role of internal inflammation in the growth of chronic diseases like diabetes. Especially people with type2 diabetes, in which patient’s body are unable to produce or use adequate insulin. Insulin is a hormone, which maintains the level of sugar in the blood. The fat cells might make chemicals that could lead to inflammation.
I agree with “Gigi”, diabetes should be monitored frequently with the help of tools present at
to maintain its level. You have to intake lower level of concentrated sugars in your Blasts as well which will help in decreasing inflammation. The example mentioned above is quite helpful.

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