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My NutriBlast always comes out very pulpy, gritty and unpalatable. What am I doing wrong?

I've had my Nutriblast for about 6 months now and use it every day, at least once per day. Unfortunately, no matter what I blast (typically 90% veg, 10% fruit and/or seeds plus fluid), there is always a thick gritty couple of inches on top and underneath there's fluid. Is there a way to minimize this separation for a more consistent and liquidy drink? This inch or 2 of green grit is almost unpalatable.

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3 years ago

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The thickness of the blast comes from ingredients like bananas, yogurt, and nuts and seeds. The grittiness can come from the fibers of the fruits and vegetables. So in order to thin out your Blast, I would recommend adding a little more liquid and either use less vegetable or add vegetables like baby lettuce that is less fibrous.

The best suggestion that requires the least amount of testing is trying one of our tested recipes on our website:
here's the thing, I'm not talking about thickness. I'm talking about separation between "pulp" and liquid. There has been and continues to be, regardless of what I blast or how much, a big heaping load of ground, pulverized food on top of thin clearish watery liquid. I drink it but it's more like eating the top and drinking the bottom. What I'm hoping to accomplish is one drink, not one part food and one part liquid. Am I blasting for too long? Not long enough? Please advise.
Hi donnapenn,

I've been using my Nutribullet 600 for just over 3 months now and luckily I've only had two drinks that separated: one was simply carrot, orange, lemon and ginger, with no green stuff, and the other was when I used only kale for the greenery, instead of my more usual spinach, broccoli, or mixed salad leaves, which all seem to be very good emulsifiers.

I have also found that if a drink is thinner than I would prefer, just a dessertspoon or two of butter beans or chick peas work very well, without changing the flavour at all, or one courgette, or a few leaves of Belgian endive (sometimes known as white chicory). I've even used a dollop of houmous to the same effect.

Other very good emulsifiers and thickeners are sweet potatoes, seeds, nuts - particularly cashew nuts - nut butters, coconut milk or coconut butter, and yoghurt. It only takes a dessertspoon or so to make everything amalgamate wonderfully.

Pitted prunes not only emulsify beautifully, but really pack a punch, flavour-wise, especially with berry drinks, and just 2 or 3 of them in the tall cup makes a gloriously glossy and velvety drink.

All these things have worked for me - I hope you'll enjoy them too.
No advice sorry but I'm currently "chewing" my way through the top half of a watermelon and pineapple smoothie. The liquid portion tadtes like very watery fruit juice.

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