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Do you have recipes for mouth inflammation and anxiety.

I am suffering from anxiety and my mouth has become inflamed as a result. What can I use in my NutriBlast to help with both conditions?

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3 years ago

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First of all I recommend you speak with a Dr. about your specific condition. Without knowing the cause of this, I can only recommend general advice on inflammation and anxiety.
Here are two articles that may help:

For anxiety, while there is no particular food or recipe that will help "turn your condition around", there are some foods that help to calm your nervous system and boost your mood. These foods, in addition to stress reducing techniques, may help with your symptoms. Some suggest ed foods to include in your NutriBlast are those higher in tryptophan (bananas, pumpkin seeds, almonds) which converts to serotonin which works to balance out feelings of stress and anxiety. Also foods containing tyrosine (spinach, spirulina) which is the precursor for dopamine, the feel-good chemical for the brain.
Check out some of these:
Magnesium-rich food help calm muscles and nerves:
Other foods kefir and kimchi (probiotics and GABA), tryptophan-rich foods to boost serotonin (pumpkin seeds, edamame, shrimp), Nori seaweed and cooked quinoa (magnesium and vitamin B6).

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