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Initial side effects of beginning a blasting program. Are these normal?

I've been blasting for just over 2 weeks and am having unexpected results. I thought I would begin to feel energetic, healthier, and maybe even have lost a pound or two. Instead, I've had headaches, trouble sleeping, am retaining fluid, and feel almost fatigued rather than energized. My diet for 3 or 4 years has consisted mostly of eating out - I rarely cooked, and rarely ate vegetables. My blasts contain mostly spinach and various fruits with 2 or 3 boosts - super foods, nuts, enzymes, etc

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3 years ago

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If you're not used to eating these types of foods it may pose a "shock" to your body and it's trying to rebalance/normalize. These are similar to withdrawals and cleansing or detox symptoms and should pass. Make sure you are eating enough calories and protein and healthy fats (a balanced diet). If it continues, make sure there is nothing you are eating that you are allergic or intolerant of. Stay well hydrated too.

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