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Is it okay to drink wine while NutriBlasting?

What about wine with a person just starting with nutri blasting?? Just bought a nutribullet and started with one nutriblast a day along with sensible eating. My husband and I are social wine drinkers and sometimes depending on how our day went we could have one glass or two a couple of times a week.
We want to see both of us loose weight and be a great example to our family. both of us could stand to loose 20-30 pounds. I am in my third month recovery from total hip surgery and exactly a year ago I had my other hip replaced. So exercise is slow.

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3 years ago

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A glass or two of wine is perfectly fine, just be sure that you stick to your healthy eating and possibly forgo a few calories from other sources to "make up for it". We've seen how cultures that include wine as part of their daily lives are still healthy and lean. Staying active and eating healthy with a glass or so of wine now and then is perfectly normal and fun!

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