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Where can I find out about substitutions for sugars and artificial sweeteners?

In reading the article on here, I would like to purchase "powdered green stevia" and "coconut palm sugar" but I'm finding them with various different names. I don't know if they are the same so I'm not buying them till I find out for sure. So is there a difference?

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3 years ago

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As you probably know stevia and coconut sugar are two different things. Stevia is pretty much calorie-free while coconut sugar has the same grams of sugar as table sugar, however it has been stated to have a lower glycemic index making it a better choice to slow blood sugar spikes.
Coconut palm and coconut sugar are the same thing as I understand.
Stevia in the Raw is an example of a product you'll find on the includes bulking agents, maltodextrin and dextrose which are carbohydrates derived from corn (that may be genetically modified).
I like the pure liquid stevia from here:
Coconut palm sugar can be found in most health food stores. Just be sure to look for one without added fillers or bulking agents.
It may also be called coconut nectar.
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