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How can I implement the Nature's Prescription results in my NutriBlast?

how do i understand and incorporate the test results from the book into my program. the explanation is less than informative

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3 years ago

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After calculating your score, you should have a value for each color. Start with the number you have the highest - this is the color of foods you should focus on first. This is not to say you don't have any other color fruits and vegetables. You are having adequate intake of those so continue. But in addition, try to increase the color you are lacking. Don't feel you have to make one Blast that gets all the colors. Some recipes are easier to do so than others. Instead, try to balance and colors that you consume with a focus on the ones that you are lacking in your diet.

Hope that helps! The best thing to do is select on recipe and start there!
your response is what the book said. Do I pick a recipe and add the component result from the test. Do I only make recipes from the sections I lack? This is very unclear.

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