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Do you know of any foods/veggies I can eat to address pain symptoms?

I am an electric injury victim.

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3 years ago

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Some symptoms of pain can be alleviated a great deal by what we put in our bodies, making it more manageable on a day-to-day basis. In general, following a diet that is low in sugar, high in raw vegetables, and includes healthy pro and prebiotic sources has been shown to help significantly relieve pain.
Some general recommendations of foods to include in your NutriBlast include:
Foods rich in malic acid – apples, apple cider vinegar, pears, pineapple, grapes
Foods rich in magnesium – seeds, nuts, legumes, dark green vegetables like kale, collards, spinach, broccoli
Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation – flax seeds, chia seeds, avocado
Spices and supplements – ginger and turmeric to reduce inflammation
More inflammation-fighting foods found here:
In addition, lemon and lime contain salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain...not sure if you can consume enough to where it's beneficial, but lemon is a great ingredient to add to a Blast.

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