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Will hemp seeds make you fail a drug test and is this answer by a real DR.?

will HEMP seed make you fail a drug test. and will this be answer by a real DR!!!!!.....

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3 years ago

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This is the Answer from the FAQ section of Nutiva. Our hemp is sourced from Canada as well.

Q. If I recently consumed hemp foods, could I fail a drug test?
A. If the only source of the psychoactive THC in your body is from hemp foods, produced from Canadian grown hemp seeds and eaten in reasonable quantities, it is virtually impossible to fail a drug test by ingesting hemp foods due to the fact that THC levels in our products are barely measurable.

I'm not sure who answered the Q, however this aligns with what I've heard elsewhere. We have not tested this so we cannot say for sure. This Q may be better addressed with your Dr.
All you have to do is a bit of homework! The Cannabis plant from which Marijuana and recreational drugs are made is not the same as the hemp plant so popular today because of its amazing nutritional benefits. You don't need a doctor on this one, just a bit of your own research.
Using medicinal Marijuana (Cannabidiol) on the other hand could make you fail a drug test.
CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana. It is prevalent in both cannabis plants, and it is important everyone understands that they are not the same. Since hemp seeds contain no THC, it is fully legal.

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