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Will all these fruits & veggie smoothies detox me from my medications where I will fail drug test?

My meds need to be in my system.Will it cleanse them out?

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3 years ago

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All drugs work at different rates and therefore we are unable to determine if the Blasts will detoxify you from your medications. Moreover, each person's metabolism is different therefore it is difficult to determine how your body reacts to it. If you are concerned about the effect of the Blast on the metabolism of your medications, please check with your doctor prior to starting any new regiment.
No, the one thing that usually flushes the system from medication is excessive fluid intake like water. The foods you are consuming using the nutribullet while detoxing toxins and improving your overall health will not "flush" your medications to the point they are not detectable by a standard urine drug screen, although since you did not state what method you are being screened for your medication I can only comment referring to the common urine screening.

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