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I've read that you should not mix fruits and veggies, is that true?

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3 years ago

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We don't have a lot of research on "food combining" so I think it's used more on an as-needed basis for those with digestive troubles. Sometimes combining certain foods (in whole form) don't allow for proper digestion in those with inadequate enzymes or are lacking good gut bacteria. When the NutriBullet pulverizes foods, it’s reverting food to it’s pre-digested state, reducing the load on the GI system and making them more easily digestible and absorbable. By consuming fruits, veggies and boosts in this manner, many find it less taxing on their digestion as compared to ingesting food in its whole food.

If you are having digestive issues, then consider the food combining rules. However, if you think about it - all foods are made up of different nutrients, so there really is no way to separate them out - that's why your digestive system is so complex - to handle all of these naturally healthy foods at once. Only when the gut is compromised does one need to consider taking alternate eating strategies into consideration. These "rules" have not been backed by science as a general rule, only as a possible solution to digestive disorders.
Well as far as I know I don't have any digestive issues so I guess I can eat all the fruits and veggies I want together!!! Thank You!!!

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