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Are there any recipes you'd recommend to tighten skin after weight loss surgery?

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3 years ago

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If I were you, I would Google looking for foods to help tighten skin. I applaud your big step decision to have surgery. I hope you continue to have great success with maintaining the weight you wish to keep. I say Google because what could help you (other than plastic surgery) are foods that generate collagen and elasticity. If you are over 35 it will be more difficult to accomplish. As we age we LOSE collagen and the elasticity in our skin. The upper most layer of our (good) fat that lies just under our skin, begins to thin. Unfortunately it has a name.....AGING!!! Ugh I hate that word. I am 62 and refuse to give in so I am always on the lookout for help. There ARE foods and supplemental topical preparations, as well as skin care techniques that can HELP. I am not saying FIX. If you are in the younger age bracket it depends on how much weight you lost as to how much "snap back" you will recover automatically. (Think about woman who have babies and regain their shape after childbirth) SEE>>>it can happen. Hang in there. Eat clean and healthy with additional quality supplements that target the skin's health.

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