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Attn: site manager, would be nice to not have to reload the question page after I look at question

If you could expand the question page to have the (reply) answer displayed right under it would really make it
easier. Just a suggestion. 😀😜 Thanks

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3 years ago

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Thank you for your suggestion. Your comment has been forwarded to individuals who work and manage the NutriLiving website.
If you are using a PC with Windows, hold down the "control" key while clicking on the question. This will open the answer in a new tab (window). After you have read the answer, click on the X to the right of the tab that just opened and your original page will appear. This is much better than using the back arrow and then reloading every question to arrive at the last one you viewed. This will work on any website link. I have Windows 7 so don't know whether this will work on W8 or W10 but it probably does. (the window tab is on the right of your address bar)

Likewise. if you are on a page and want to look at another website page, open a new window by clicking on the gray box on the right of the tab of the window you are viewing and then navigate to whatever website you want to view. When finished, click the X and close the window. Your original page is still there and you don't have to back up or reload the page, sign in etc.

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