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Why do you recommend every smoothie to include at least 50% green kale or spring greens?

i find the smell puts me off drinking the juice i have just made , its my first go and i dont want to give up .

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3 years ago

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First, your efforts and persistence are applauded. Many new users experience the same problem however those who continue with different recipes and tweak the ingredients, they are more likely to experience positive results!

We recommend 50% greens like baby spinach, spring mix or other baby leafy greens because of its low sugar and high fiber content. Because all vegetables and fruits are a form of carbohydrates, it can affect your blood glucose levels. 50% greens will avoid glucose spike where over time, persistent spikes can make your insulin resistant and increase risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you are experiencing a taste issue, we definitely recommend using less leafy green for now and try to avoid kale items like kale. We recommend baby spinach and spring mix because they have milder tastes. We also recommend using sweeter fruits like mangoes, and pineapples. They are sweeter fruits that can give you a more pleasant taste. Go to our website: for more recipes. Search for them by taste or by ingredients!

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