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Can I use egg whites and grilled chicken breast for protein in smoothies?

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3 years ago

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Technically you could, however we recommend plant-based proteins in a smoothie and leaving animal-based proteins to have with whole food meals. There are some instances where grilled chicken might be appropriate - for any type of chewing or swallowing difficulties, but I can't imagine it tasting very good in a Blast.
This past year I have had difficulty swallowing due to what was diagnosed as achalasia. I was only able to swallow soft foods and liquids. One evening in particular I wanted to eat the dinner that I had prepared for my husband and son. It was chicken with a lot of fresh vegetables: tomatoes, garlic, onions, zucchini, and green peppers. I decided to put some in the Nutribullet. It was like a bisque and it was delicious! I just recently had a successful surgery to correct the problem and thank God I can swallow well now. I do continue to experiment and am enjoying the results.
October 09, 2015

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