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What is the benefit of using non-dairy milks over dairy milk?

What is the actual benefits of using coconut or almond milk instead of skimmed dairy milk or is it all about taste?
Taking into accounts cost.

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3 years ago

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Many people have a hard time digesting dairy and find when they eliminate it from their diets they feel better. We like to take a plant based approach with our Blasts to help people feel their best. However, some people do really well with dairy based milks. I would suggest finding high quality dairy milk, look for grass fed, it will have the best fat ratio. Both non-dairy and dairy milks can be good options for your Blast.

3 years ago

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Please avoid all conventional dairy from CAFO's (confined animal feeding operations) aka factory farms. First of all, by buying these you are voting with your pocketbook to support cruel and inhumane treatment of helpless creatures. And then for your own sake you will be avoiding consuming antibiotics, steroids and bovine growth hormones administered to these animals.
Raw dairy from grass-fed animals on the other hand is healthful and nutritious if you are not sensitive to dairy products in general and these cows most likely have happier lives.
When choosing non-dairy substitutes, read the ingredients carefully and leave on the shelf anything with sugar s, soy, vegetable oil, carageenan or other additives. Some people avoid rice milk because of the arsenic scare.
I make my own nut and seed milks using my Nutribullet. This saves money and I know what's in them!

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