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Are eggs allowed as a protein? Raw or cooked?

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3 years ago

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We often do you not use eggs in our recipes. We would not recommend eating any raw egg product. Egg is a protein and you can add it as a protein source if you'd like it in a recipe.
Catherine 23 if you are looking to ADD raw eggs by choice I can tell you that generally the eggs from the grocery store shelf are not a safe idea. You could pick up salmonella. This is a dangerous food bacterial poison. Now, there is an alternative. If you use ORGANIC eggs you should be ok. I am a caterer and egg whites are used to add those pretty sugar crystals to fruit displays. I would also encourage you to shop a specialty market to ensure quality and safety in purchasing your organic eggs. Hope this helps.
Good luck,
Like Catherine 23, I recommend that any eggs you want to eat raw be purchased from a source you know and trust, and that does not include your average supermarket! In addition, buying conventional eggs supports the terrible cruelty to chickens in factory farms.
Little-known fact: salmonella most often comes from the shell of an egg, so wash eggs well with soap and water, leaving the soap on for as long as it takes you to sing "Row Row Row Your boat," just like when washing your hands!

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