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Can I add SuperFood SuperBoost, Fat Boost, Energy Boost, Hemp Seeds, Turmeric together and be safe?

I use Superfood Superboost, Fat Booster, Energy Boost along with hemp seeds and powered turmeric.

The vegie and fruit combination I use change daily but usually greens, bananas, apples, grapes and/or blueberries. Is this combination of additives okay and if so, are any of these what is causing a great increase in gas and bloating?

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3 years ago

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Yes, you can add those ingredients together. Some people have different causes for bloating and gas so it can be an introduction of all these items along with daily stressors that can increase bloating. You may want to use less fiber-intense foods like pineapple/mango over either blueberries or apples. The greens and bananas should be fine in regards to fiber content and its contribution to bloating and gas.

You may also want to consider changing your liquid to see if there is a change in your symptoms.

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