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This is my Moring Smoothie would you say this is excessive?

Can you add too many ingredients to a Blast?
2- Cups of Almond Milk or Water
2-cups of Kale or Spinach
1-cup of frozen fruit-Blue, Strawberries
1-tbs-Flax seeds (ground)
1-tbs-Chia Seeds
4-tbsp-Hemp Power
3- tbsp- Gojji Berries
1-tbsp- Raw Honey
2-tbsp- Olive oil (Extra Virgin)
1-tbsp- Bilberry power
1-tbsp- Beet Root Power
1-tbsp- Pumpkin and Sunflower seed Power
1-tbsp- Black Maca Power

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3 years ago

Official Answer

As long as you feel good after you drink this blend, I would not say it is excessive. If you are experiencing any issues, I would suggest meeting with a local dietitian or talking to your doctor.

3 years ago

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