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I had hoped I could get off cholesterol-lowering meds. Not so even though 70lbs. lost. Why?

I am maintaining, eating fruit, veg, whole grains, very little red meat and non-fat dairy only and not much of that. Watching portion control as well. 6 mos. off meds and cholesterol sky high again. With all the changes and taking meds 6 mos ago all perfect numbers. I am bummed. Is it my bad genetics?

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3 years ago

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This is a great question to pose to your doctor, it may be something else going on and without knowing what you are eating, it is hard to say. Some people have success eliminating processed oil and sugar from their diet when experiencing high cholesterol. I would suggest finding a local RD that can sit down with you and help you create a plan that is specific to you, you can find an RD here:

3 years ago

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