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I have multiple gastrointestinal issues related to Crohn's, IBS, and celiacs. Is there any dietary recommendations you'd make?

I have Lymphoma, bowel troubles, Crohns, ibs, celiac or something. Surgery for Bowel abstruction an
appendix could use some help on foods, I am allergic to many things.

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3 years ago

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Crohn's and IBS have very similar symptoms however the treatments are very tailored to the individuals. We would recommend first understanding what triggers the symptoms of each. Sometimes, they may be lifestyle related such as stress and anxiety. Caffeine and high fiber are also triggers.

It sounds like there are multiple allergies to be address therefore we would recommend working with a local dietitian and an allergist to confirm allergy results. Once you have confirmed your diagnosis and foods to avoid/limit, you can search on our website for more recipe ideas tailored to you.

Here is one for individuals with Crohn's:

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