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Can you explain Prop 65?

Please tell me this has been resolved. I purchased a few different kinds of powders and only one had the warning but it seems all of the products are contaminated after I read this I was terrified.

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3 years ago

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Passed in 1986, Proposition 65 requires businesses based in California to notify customers of the presence of chemicals that have been linked to the development of birth defects or cancer. Initially, Prop 65 aimed to identify heavy metals and chemical runoff in drinking water and hold industrial corporations accountable for dumping these toxins into the public’s water supply. Since then, the list has grown to include roughly 800 chemicals. For foods and dietary supplements, we are reporting the heavy metals like lead and cadmium. They both naturally in the soil and the plants take up the lead and cadmium. Cadmium is also naturally found in cacao beans and lead is found in most grasses and and tubers where they are exposed the soil more than those that grow above ground. The levels that we are required to report at is less than the air that we are breathing. 49 other states do not recognize that these levels of chemicals that are included in Pro 65 are not considered health issues. All NutriBullet Superfoods that exceed the levels regulated by Prop 65 have the proper warning on the bag.

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