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I am 31, 112lbs, vegan...I am starting to perfer a liquid diet. whats safe and healthy?

Basically I am loving the liquid diet. I've been using the Nutri RX for a year now and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.
However I am loving a liquid diet and I want to stick to it but I want to make sure I am healthy and ingesting the rights stuff. I noticed at one point i was doing the same smoothies over and over and I broke away from that. I'd like some guidance so I know I am doing it right. I do take raw vegan multi vitamins and actively work out, run/yoga. Thank you in advanced.

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3 years ago

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I would first recommend speaking with a dietitian in your area who can look at your overall current diet and health history to make sure an all liquid diet is appropriate for you. When using a Blast as a meal replacement you'll want to make sure it include the right combination of macronutrients (enough protein, carbs, and healthy fats). You will also want it to have enough calories to fit within your daily needs. A supplement that includes B12, vitamin D, and calcium are helpful for those following a strict vegan diet.
Awesome thank you so much for your response. I do take those vitamins as well. Its all in my multi I made sure of that when I purchased it. I will definitely look for a dietitian. Thank you again. :)

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