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Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn say's this in his book "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" FAQ

Scroll down about 3 questions from bottom. Smoothies.

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3 years ago

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Perhaps you don't see the light green link. It open the page where the FAQ are,
Here is the link in black.

Avoid smoothies. When the fiber is pureed, it is not chewed and does not have the opportunity to mix with the facultative anaerobic bacteria which reside in the crypts and grooves or our tongue. These bacteria are capable of reducing the nitrates in green leafy vegetables to nitrites in the mouth. When the nitrites are swallowed, they are further reduced by gastric acid to nitric oxide which may now enter the nitric oxide pool. Furthermore, when chewing fruit the fructose is bound to fiber and absorption is safe and slow. On the other hand, when fruit is blenderized, the fructose is separated from the fiber and the absorption is very rapid through the stomach. This rapid absorption tends to injure the liver, glycates protein and injures the endothelial cells.
I have the very same question as you, about what Dr. Esselstyn says about smoothies. Did you get an answer of any kind, from the Nutribullet dieticians?... We have been nutri blasting for quite awhile, so I am very much interested in an answer, also. Is the nutri blast smoothie pureed?, like in a blender?.. I hope a dietician gets back with us.

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