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Can you recommend a smoothie that fills me up?

Hi there!
I have tried various smoothies with almond milk, berries, maca, psyllium husks and flaxseeds but they never fill me up for breakfast. I have it about 7am before I head off to work and by 10am, my stomach is grumbling. This is when I head for a snack, often unhealthy (I'm meant to be gluten free) - muffin, bread etc.

Can you recommend anything more to put inside my smoothie get me through to lunch time without snacking please?

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3 years ago

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You may want to try a couple of things to give you a recipe that fills you up. You can add ingredients that thicken your Blast like bananas, avocados, or oats to increase the thickness. You can also add ingredients like hemp seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, nuts, and nut butters to increase the protein and the fat content. Studies have shown that adding ingredients that include protein and healthy fats can increase the satiety effect. Adding more soluble fibers such as skins of fruits and oats can also provide that effect.

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