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I have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), do you have any nutrition recommendations that could help?

I have EPI (Endocrin Pancreas Inefficiency. I bought a Nutribullet to help with digestion of foods since my body does not make its own digestive enzymes. Most of your recipes are for weight loss. I only saw one recipe for protein which is important to maintain muslce with my rapid weight loss. Do you have any other recipes that will help me with my condition? Thanks.

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2 years ago

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EPI does not have a specific nutrition recommendations. The goal is to have nutritious, balanced diet that is chock-full of vitamins and minerals. Because EPI is attributed by a lack of digestive enzymes making digestion a little less efficient and sometimes it can cause symptoms like diarrhea. Consuming a balanced diet that is less stressful for your GI tract to digest is key.

Having a blast every day can help increase the nutrient consumption as well as the fruit and vegetable servings. When using fat sources, we would recommend using things like coconut oil rather than saturated fats like whole milk or whole fat yogurt because coconut oil is a MCT (medium chain triglyceride). MCT is easier to digest. Start new foods slow, for example, consume 1/2 a Blast rather than one full recipe. Eat smaller amounts at first to see if symptoms start. If no, you may increase the volume or amount. It is best to keep a journal that tracks not only your foods but also the symptoms that you may or may not experience.

We always recommend speaking with your health professional team first to make sure you are receiving adequate nutrition and none of your medications interact with the foods you are consuming. To read more about nutrition related to EPI, please check out this link:

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