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The Nutribullet LEAN product is not for me. What are some other solutions that you can suggest?

Current Soln:I put one scoop of Vega Vanilla powder (150 calories) and 1/2 scoop Garden of Life Raw Fiber (60 cal) in the blender with the spinach, wild blue berries, and 1 c. unsweetened almond coconut milk. (30 calories.) We also added 5 ice cube for texture. I wish I cold use the whole plan but I just can't swallow the Nutribullet powder.
Because my concoction is 210 cals rather than 80 cals of pwdr, I am sharing the above drink with my roommate who is also doing your plan. Please advise.

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2 years ago

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The first suggestion I'd make for your LEAN Boost is to blend the smoothie a little longer to yield a smoothie texture in your Blast. If that still doesn't work and your protein and fiber mix is adding too many calories, then I would suggest the SuperFood Protein Blend. The Protein Blend in addition to a high-fiber and low-glycemic foods that can lower the sugar and increase the fiber. Here are some low-glycemic foods to try and some high-glycemic foods to avoid:

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