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Which do you recommend for losing weight, Fat Burning Boost or Lean Boost? What is the difference?

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2 years ago

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The SuperFood Fat Burning Boost contains ingredients that can increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation while the SuperFood Lean Boost contains similar ingredients in addition to the probiotics and fiber, and healthy fats to stay full for a longer time.

The LEAN Boost, in addition to a healthy eating plan, can provide adequate nutrition like macronutrients while Fat Burning Boost contains less fiber and no protein.

If you are strictly trying to lose weight, I would recommend the LEAN Boost however if you are trying to target more Fat Loss, Fat Burning Boost can be a great addition. An alternative is to try both and see what works with you best. Two products do not have the exact same outcomes for two people. We recommend trying both and seeing what s best.
Do you recommend using LEAN Boost and Fat Burning Boost together? Are the ingredients redundant?

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