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What are the recommended cleaning instructions?

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11 months ago

Official Answer

Hello Mary,
Thanks for contacting us today. Here are some cleaning steps for your unit. First, please check to make sure all of your cups have 3 activator tabs sticking out of the rim. Next, make sure your motor base is unplugged from the wall and use a warm damp soapy cloth or toothbrush to scrub the 3 actuators located in the rim of the motor base (very top). We recommend using the back end of a spoon to depress the actuators until they are moving freely again. Once you have thoroughly cleaned each actuator, please test the cup to see if they engage easily with the motor base. You might have to do this process several times.
You can also wipe out the motor base really well with a warm soapy dish cloth.

11 months ago

Community Answers

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Well what an idiot I feel. For many months i have struggled to use my nutribullet because I could just not push the cup down to engage the motor.
Having followed the guidelines above it is now working perfectly and without any effort required by me - just for the sake of a clean. Certainaly wont make that mistake again, thank you for restoring my machine.

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