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What can I do differently with the NutriBullet as a man?

I saw the infomercial on the nutribullet via youtube and on television several times and became interested in what it can do. There was a brief section on foods for men, but I need to go more in depth on the issue. It seems that businesses are more focused on the women's health instead of men. What can I do different with the nutribullet that will help me?

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

What specifically are you trying to focus on? And feel free to send me a private message if you wish to keep it private.

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Would there be a specific variety of fruits and vegetables that can be used in the bullet products like the nutribullet that i have? I want to get back into becoming healthy with this product, but I want to do it the right way. In the books that are available for these products i have noticed a lot of different things that could be helped with juicing or the blast, but i need help to get started. Another question is how come the doctor has to see me first before i can use the products? I understand about the medications.
I'll have to ask you to be more specific. I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Here's a handy get started video and article:
If you are not taking prescription medication then it may not be necessary for you to visit your Dr. NutriBlasts are great for getting in more fruits and veggies which is a way to start eating healthier and this you can most likely do on your own.

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