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Can I make the vitality super boost less grainy?

I was wondering if there was a way to make the nutriblast not so grainy when using the vitality super boost? 

4 Answers
4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

When using a powder, it's a little difficult to revive a completely smooth texture. However, a few things you might want to try are adding a bit more liquid, using a "binding food" like banana, avocado, cashews or almond butter, or a small dab of coconut oil (cold-pressed, organic). How much of the vitality boost are you using? Possibly use a smaller serving and more veggies and fruits?

Community Answers

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The Vitality Superboost is gone from the shop?!? Has it been discontinued? I finally have the money to order it and now it's gone. Please let me know. Thanks!
SORRY SORRY! I realize now it's on the actual Nutribullet site and not this one. It's all good now.
Thank you for your response and I am using the amount is directed on the container. I will try your advice thank you.

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