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Will dried spice get the same results as fresh?

Can you use dried spice and get the same results as fresh? And what are the better fruits to use when i m borderline diabetic i also need to lose weight any suggestions would be helpful.

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Dried spices are great - they are more concentrated so you'd use a bit less than if it were fresh. Usually it is a tsp dry = 1 Tbsp fresh; however some do not fit the rule like turmeric - so experimenting is key. We have several great articles and recipes for blood sugar control as well as weight loss. There are too many to link here so I suggest going to the home page and putting in a search for "diabetes" and then one for "weight loss" to see all the great resources. We also have a wonderful weight loss forum where you can interact w/ others and ask Qs related to that specific topic. Wally has also already shared some great posts in there - check it out!

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