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What foods should I include with an MS diagnosis?

What's your advice when it comes to the superfoods and myself.  I've recently began this road to eating clean, unfortunately, it's come after a recurring left facial palsy that the neurologists want to diagnosis as MS.  My tests are all normal, including spinal tap, however, two tiny lesions were found on my MRI.  I'm taking this natural path before the invasive meds that the MD's are almost trying to force (red flag?)  I'd like to try all the superfoods, but I'm wondering if I should buy them individually, and add one at a time.  I'd say fatigue, inflammation, sleep and depression are my biggest challenges! Thanks ruby5019, 37, wife & mom of 3 boys

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4 years ago

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Cleaning up the diet is one of the best places to start. Eliminating processed foods, sodas, fried foods, canned soups, deli meats and the more you cooking and Blasting you can do for yourself, the healthier your diet will be. Here is a great article that talks about what foods you can include in your diet for the best benefit:

4 years ago

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