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How do I measure ingredients?

Hi am new to blasting and don't know how to measure 50% of the spinach, kale etc.  What I have been doing is just stuffing loosely at the first half of the tall glass and then adding my fruits.  What is the proper way to make this measure?  I have actually seen on some recipes where you should use 3 leaves.  To me that doesn't seem to fill 50% of the glass.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

You are right on track! Filling 50% of the cup is what we were going for! It varies depending on what type of green you use - for spinach, you might be able to fit 2 cups into a tall cup, but for Swiss chard or kale, 1-2 leaves/stems will probably fill 1/2 the glass. There's not a real science to it - some like more leafy greens and others like less - adjust to your liking and then add a bit more ;)

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