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Why am I gaining weight?

I have been doing the Nutri Blasts for four weeks and I am gaining weight not losing?  I have been using it twice a day and have one regular meal usually fish and a vegetable.  Or some meat and vegetable.  One thing is I do not go looking for food it has taken my cravings away for eating. However as a diabetic I think I need to drink my drink right down instead of sipping it and I have gone down on the fruit and added more greens not as tasty but I need some advice.  I do not understand how to blog could you let me know for the obesity blog thanks!

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

I'm not quite sure I understand what your question is. Let me see if any of these help... When you go to the home page, type in "weight loss" in the search bar at the top - this will bring up anything related to weight loss in the forums, articles, recipes, healing foods, and success stories!

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