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Which plans are best for hormone levels and depression?

Hello. Im going to start a 2 week juice fast. My specification are i would like a plan put together of which fruit and veg Improve hormone levels that improves depression. and also improves energy levels so not constantly feeling tired.
Will be buying fruit veg seeds from local supermarket so need cheap easy options . I dont need much variety.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Hello Stepw! While we can't create specific plans for each individual, I can point you to some cleanses and info we already have posted that you may find useful. Here's our latest 5 Day NutriBlast Cleanse (although it includes one clean healthy meal each day in addition to NutriBlasts). (other cleanses are also available in our Cleanse forum!) For mood, here's a link to a search from our recipes page: And for energy:

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