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Do you have recommendations for Blasting while pregnant?

I have just been kinda making random blasts with no 2 being the same but I just found out I am pregnant and what to ask if you have recommendations for a specific blast or any ingredients that I should make sure I have in my blast.

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5 years ago

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Congratulations!! The NutriBullet is a great way to get in more nutrients for both you and your baby! Research shows that what the mother eats can effect the baby's development and even their taste preferences.

However, please consult with your Dr. to make sure that NutriBlasting or any dietary change is appropriate for you. There may be some superfood "boosts" or other foods that you may need to avoid depending on your personal health condition.

In general, most NutriBlasts are filled with vitamins and minerals one requires during pregnancy. Any supplements should be cleared with your Dr. Some nutrients to pay attention to are:

Folic acid - spinach, beans, asparagus, beets

Vitamin D - fortified dairy alternatives, mushrooms, the sun!
Calcium - beans and greens and fortified foods

Iron - fortified cereals, beans, spinach (with vitamin C), nuts/seeds

Protein - nuts/seeds, beans, legumes, veggies and grains

Essential fatty acids - walnuts, avocado, nuts/seeds

B12 - important to make sure you get enough of if vegetarian/vegan
Congrats!!!!! That is so exciting! I am sure the NB is going to be an amazing asset to making sure your baby gets amazing nutrition throughout the entire pregnancy!

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