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Are there foods that can help manage rosacea?

I refuse to take prescription meds. I had horrible acne as a teenager and was put on an array of meds that later proved to be bad choices (Accutane being one).  Do you know of any particular blend of raw food that can help manage rosacea?

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Check out David Wolfe's video here:

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I know that ginger and cucumber are supposed to be particularly useful in combatting skin issues
Thank you both for replying. Watched video. Was excellent. Will try both of your suggestions.
I was only able to find capsules of milk thistle and Reishe. Reishe says 2 capsules/ day and milk thistle 1 capsule/ day. I emptied recommended amount into blast. Should I use capsules to get to 1 tbsp each? In the future I can order online. Thank you
It is hard to say how much powder would be in a capsule since capsule sizes all vary. I would suggest emptying your capsules and measuring how much each one contains.

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