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Which parts of my fruits and vegetables do I include in my NutriBlast?

I have had my Nutri Bullet about one week.  I haven't really lost weight but my body feels better, which to me is a good sign that I am on the correct path.  I have some questions:1)  Should I include mango skins in the blast, or throw them away?  How about the seed of the mango?2)  Should I include the cantelope seeds in the blast, or throw them away?  How about any of the skin?3)  Should I include any of the seeds and skins of oranges, lemons and limes in the blast, or throw them away?4)  What is the general rule of what to include in the blast and what to throw away?I want to get the most nutritional benefit out of the fruits and vegetables I am buying.  Please advise me accordingly.  Thank you.

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4 years ago

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I have just the resources for you!!

Enjoy and let us know if you have any further questions!

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