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Are there substitutions for pineapple?

I just received my NutriBullet for Christmas, made my first NutriBlast this morning, and I'm hooked! There are several recipes I want to try, but they include pineapple. I am allergic to pineapple. Is there another fruit I can substitute and not compromise the intention of the specific blast?

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4 years ago

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I was going to suggest the same thing BobbieAnne, thanks ;)

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Allergic to pineapple?? I feel so bad for you--my favorite fruit, and I put it in almost every blast I make! In general, the combinations of ingredients are suggestions only--any fruit you like and tolerate can sub in for the pineapple in a particular recipe. But pineapple is particularly good for digestion, so if you have a digestion problem, you'll want to find a substitute that gives that effect. Maybe papaya?
my name is tammy, and am new to nutribullet. I know this post is speaking bout pineapple, but I am on a no sugar no yeast no gluten diet which means im pretty much allowed 1-2 cups either blueberry, red raspberry as they are low sugar content. there are so many recipes that require nannas and all kinds of other fruits, but was wondering what I could do instead of nannas??
You could try avocado or pears, pears are lower on the glycemic index, not as much sugar as bananas.

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